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Phenix Engineering

Phenix Engineering GT1 Series Porsche 996 Turbo / GT2 / C4S Adjustable Upper Rear Control Arms

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Our GT1 series Porsche 996 Turbo/GT2/C4S  Adjustable Upper Rear Control Arms aka "Dog Bones" are made from billet 7075-T651 aluminum right here in USA! Built to allow adjustment of camber and toe to ensure to dial your 996 into a track and back road machine! When lowering your 996, it causes the toe and camber to change in the rear, resulting in reduction of contact patch of the tires as well as a drastic change to the thrust angle. This is unwanted and can result in the rear of the car always feeling like it is dancing around and might surprise the driver with snap over-steer at any moment. This makes for a tiresome drive as requiring the driver to continually correct the car to ensure it stays out of the bushes.

Combined with our billet Lower Control Arm Bushing Kit and Adjustable Rear Tie Rod Kit makes for one mean corner carving machine!

Kit includes 4x Upper rear control arms

Black Anodized Finish