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Phenix Engineering

Phenix Engineering GT1 Series Control Arm Bushings - MK4 R32 / Mk1 TT

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Our MK4 R32 / MK I TT GT1 Control Arm Bushing kit is the ideal front control arm bushing for your street, track or air suspension equipped car.  The GT1 bushings are made from UHMW material to provide all the advantages of a spherical or mono-ball style pivot, without any of the drawbacks.

The GT1 bushings decrease deflection, unwanted tire scrub on the track and increase steering feel and directness that these cars need. When used on an air-ride equipped car they prevent binding or worse torn bushings.

Fits all MK4 Golf R32's

Fits all MK1 TT's

Made in USA!

Note: These are the front position only. We suggest replacing the rear position on the control arms with the factory TT/R32 bushings when installing our GT1 Control Arm bushings.