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Phenix Engineering

Phenix Engineering Corrado VR6 Fan Kit

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Phenix Engineering Corrado VR6 Fan & Shroud Kit

A complete stand alone system to remove the old NLA FCM setup. Offering better cooling and a tighter package along with staying with our design philosophy of “Keeping It Simple”, after five years of testing on the race track we are happy to bring this product to the community!

Using two 12” Spal fans each producing 1300cfm of flow the offer massive pulling power to ensure air flow even with large front mounts and AC on tight engine bays.

Sealed connectors and carefully wrapped harness make for a clean and stealthy install that draws attention of the OEM+ folks.

The shroud can be used on either a G60 or VR6 radiator which allows for easy change if on the road and limited radiators are available. This also allows straight mounting or tilted when clearance is an issue.

The 6061 Aluminum shroud is laser cut and then CNC bent to ensure the best fitment on the market. To wrap up the hardware, stainless steel hardware and a heavy duty powder coat makes for a clean finish that is expected from a Phenix Engineering product!

***Note does not clear G60 Charger on Corrado G60's with 2nd Fan. G60 Specific setup is in the works!***

***Note this fan setup can be used on MK2 VR6 swaps using Corrado cross members***

Price includes shipping in USA!