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Phenix Engineering

Phenix Engineering Corrado Cluster Screw Covers

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Many years have passed since the the fragile Corrado cluster screw covers have since been NLA. We are happy to produce a replacement pair from billet ABS blocks with careful consideration to prevent any damage to the cluster housing, made in house here in the good old USA! Now you can cover those unsightly screws on your Corrado with new covers without worry of getting points deducted from the OEM+ judges at car shows. When we set off to make a replacement, 3D printing was tested out, but due to its unreliability in quality, fitment and finish we turned to machining them  from solid ABS plastic sheets to maintain the strength as well as feel of the original injection molded covers. Using our proprietary surface finishing in order to have the same look and texture of the factory cluster surround.

The kit includes one pair of covers, one left and one right cover.

Phenix Engineering Corrado Cluster Screw Covers kit replaces part numbers :



Made in USA!