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Phenix Engineering 1.8T Injector Cups - Large Port

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Replace your cracked and leak prone plastic 1.8T injector cups for once and for all with Phenix Engineering's Billet 1.8T Injector Cups. Machined from USA sourced Aluminum and Anodized to NADCAP Specifications.

Kit includes new sealant, 17/20mm install tool and wire brush to remove old sealant.


Replace your cracked and leak prone plastic 1.8T injector cups once and for all with Phenix Engineering's Billet 1.8T Injector Cups

In 2011 we discovered that the plastic injector cups or known on the other side of the pond as "injector seats" were slighly cracking and leaking from heat and fuel exposure. This was found through boost leak testing with a hot motor. The trouble codes that continued to come back that lead to this test were a P0170 : Fuel Trim Malfunction Bank 1. By doing a pressure test of the charge piping while spraying soapy water over each connection the final weak point was discovered being the injector cup area. The first thing that was done to attempt to solve the leak was to replace the injector o-rings, which did not help prevent the leak.

To create the solution to this problem, we designed a billet replacement cup out of 6061-T6 Aluminum as well as a tighter fitting o-ring to ensure better sealing under high boost applications. Next up was to created our own inspection gages in order to ensure prefect fitment for the threads. This is critical as the plastic threads are designed to be able to be injection molded, a straight copy of the threads would cause issues with fitment in the manifolds.

After machining in house on our CNC lathes, the parts then are hard coat anodized to ensure that the longest life span possible for the customer. After they are anodized they are assembled into kits with sealing compound, new o-rings, a wire brush to clean the threads on the manifold and a tool to remove the old plastic cups and install the new Phenix Engineering Billet 1.8T Injector Cups.

Kit includes new sealant install tool, wire brush to remove old sealant and new Buna-N o-rings for the injectors.

*Installation should be done with the intake manifold removed from the car. This is to prevent sealant and whatever other grime is on or around your stock injector cups from dropping into the engine. After removal of the stock injector cups the intake manifold threads will need to be cleaned prior to installation.

Clear Anodized Finish

Fits Engine Codes



Made in USA!



Fits AEB, New Beetle and other Euro Large Port Manifolds